What could possibly be better than eating a meal prepared for you by famed Food Network chef Bobby Flay? How about a one on one to discuss the fifth season of Next Food Network Star?

I have never been a good cook, in-fact just short of pouring cereal in a bowl and being able to put it in the dishwasher when I am done is about the only business I have in my kitchen. But I can say I love to eat, watch people cook and envy crazy concoctions cooks can come up with in the kitchen that I would never even dream of attempting to do myself.

So in my interview, as much as I would like to say Bobby Flay offered to give me first hand training in what I’m sure he would call my kindergarten kitchen (it has the basics: sink, stove, counters and cupboards- but mostly bare if you open them), he did however marinate my brain with all the juicy details of this season’s show, and it sound “Flay-vorful!”

If you have been an avid follower of Next Food Network Star or even if you are a novice foody looking to chew on a new show, this season is no joke! ‚ A panel of judges, including Bobby Flay, weighs the chef’s abilities to cook, marinate, describe and even conjure up new dishes through insane food challenges. But in the end, it’s really a six week interview of sorts to see who could become the host of another Food Network show!

Flay, who has been professionally cooking for 26 years, says this seasons chefs “have pretty good food chops, but I am looking for someone who is gonna have a really good repertory of things…even if they win it, I am looking way past that. I want them to be an important roster to the Food Network.”

One of Flay’s favorite episodes is set in Miami and includes a tantalizing twist on a fish dish. The winner gets to be put on a menu at a restaurant, and if you have ever tried to cook any kind of fish, you know that’s a challenge in itself!

So just because you’re queen in your kitchen at home, once you’re in “Flay-ville” you better be able to baste your way to his taste-buds! The recipe for success on this show is easy, you must be entertaining (you can’t be monotone in speech), know what you are doing in the kitchen (don’t ask what a colander is) , and teach your audience something (meaning us “viewers” drooling through the television). If you can’t do that, be ready to pack-up your oven mitts and head home!

Luckily for us the Food Network has found ten of the best and brightest from all walks of life to show off their skills, and in some cases lack thereof!

Tune to the Food Network channel to see all the tasty, delectable, seared and savory season of “Next Food Network Star”. You can even vote on your favorite contestants by going to FoodNetwork.com.

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Kristin Lambert is a freelance writer from Michigan.

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