Still high off of the fumes of E3 2009, Nintendo, in their dedicated fashion, released new titles today for the now threefold download services “" WiiWare, DSiWare, and the Virtual Console.

On tap this week on DSiWare is the continuation of a battle for evermore pitting Italian man vs. ape in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again (1 player, 800 DSi Points).

That’s it for hand-held love so what do we get on the console side of things?

How about two unique titles, Swords and Soldiers (1-2 players, 1000 Wii Points) and Fish ‘Em All (1-2 players, 800 Wii Points) on WiiWare? Sound good? Great, because both are alive, breathing, and ready for your purchase right now.

And on the Virtual Console Nintendo unleashed Ghengis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf (1-2 players, 800 Wii Points) and is everything you remembered, or forgot, from those long lost SNES days. All the strategy and all the Ghengis are right where you left them. So have at it!

via Joystiq

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