The Battle Rifle is without a doubt the signature weapon in the Halo franchise. Its awesome power as an unrelenting force to quickly and effectively slay enemies is the reason I am attracted to Halo. With what other weapon can I hone my mid to long range rifling skills with tightly wrapped sequences of not one but three emitted sprays of bullets at once?


So it comes as a true surprise that Halo creator Bungie Studios revealed that the Battle Rifle will not be featured in ODST’s campaign or newly revealed FireFight mode.

Quoting the weekly Bungie update where all things Halo E3 announcements were talked about:

“Halo 3: ODST’s campaign and Firefight modes don’t feature the Battle Rifle. I’d tell you to blame Luke, but don’t worry, once you get your hands on the automag, you’ll forget all about your precious BR. And of course the traditional Halo 3 multiplayer, which you’ll remember from earlier in our conversation, is found on the second disc packed in with Halo 3: ODST, doesn’t make a single feature change to Halo 3’s multiplayer. If you want to four-shot some scrubs, you’re only ever a disc swap away.”

There we have it. We already knew ODST’s online play is simply an addition of three new multiplayer maps and will of course make use of the BR, but the comfort and familiarity of said weapon is one that I personally will have to slowly wean myself off of before ODST arrives Spetember 22.

This week’s Bungie Update is an interesting read and one that highlights a number of issues that you’d do well to check out.

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  1. zach

    Wtf, signature weapon? it has never been the default starting weapon and wasn’t even in the first game so how is it the signature weapon of the franchise?

  2. Ty

    In Halo: CE and Halo 3 the signature weapon was the Assault Rifle and in Halo 2 the signature weapon was the SMG. If you don’t believe me look at the box art so it’s definetly no signature weapon. ODST is still gonna have the Covy Carbine and like it says in that very article the new pistol is just as good if not better so stop whining.

  3. SCORPIONS7192

    wait wat the br will no be in HALO 3: ODST wtf no more 3 shots per pull of the triger dang that wuz soooo mutch fun will the covenent carbine rifle b in halo 3 odst please send me an email 2 [email protected] with all of the new weapions, vehicls and charactures

  4. Hugh G. Rection

    If you spend your time playing with 4 year olds in social and zombie matches, then I don’t find it surprising if you don’t consider the BR the signature weapon of Halo (atleast 2 and 3).

    Just because a weapon isn’t on the cover doesn’t demean the fact it is everyone’s favorite weapon.

    Halo thrives because of MLG and the BR…not because a few kids though zombie was fun.

  5. ar512

    ha, watever, i found the battle riffle, its hidden in every level. and i found 1 of them.

  6. Odst smiffy

    ar512 your a f%@#ing liar,what was The point in making up bulls#*% like that? srsly wat was the f%@#ing point?

  7. You all sucl{

    you all are bad anyways, this is so point this… if you cant afford the game then you shouldnt talk about it like you know it. its a terrable game. halo 3 is the only good 1 out of all of them. there, no need for you “people” you talk about it anymore. and the BR has always been the main wep. of halo. not including halo 3 odst.


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