Well, Apple just finished its WWDC Keynote (or at least the notebook part “" we’ll have more about the iPhone in a bit), and the Apple elves have dropped a bunch of new toys in our laps. First up are the new MacBooks.

The MacBook Pro line is being expanded with a new 13-inch model. All sizes will have the new unibody built-in, non-removable battery which Apple claims will last for 7 hours. All models will get a speed bump and come with a standard 4GB of DDR3 memory, expandable to 8GB. The MacBook Pro also now comes with a Secure SD slot, replacing the PCI slot that got (basically) zero use before.‚  The MacBooks are getting a Firewire 800 port (I guess all that moaning when Apple got rid of it last time actually had an effect) and their brethren’s Secure SD slot.

The prices across all laptops have been slashed; both the 17-inch and the 15-inch Macbook Pro models as well as the Macbook Air will drop $300 to $2499, $1699, and $1499 respectively , while the Macbooks will drop $100 to start at $1199. Yay for the recession and new toys!

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