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Forty-one bodies have been found in the Atlantic thus far, two on Saturday, 14 on Sunday, eight on Monday, and 17 on Tuesday, all confirmed to have been on Air France Flight 447, Brazilian officials said Wednesday. Four have been confirmed male and four female.

The first set of bodies were found about 200 miles off the coast of the Saint Peter and Saint Paul archipelago. Tuesday’s findings were discovered 50 miles away.

Sixteen of the 41 bodies found will reach Recife today. The remains will be shipped to the Legal Medical Institute in Brasilia for investigation and identification, CNN reports. DNA samples must be taken from the relatives of the deceased to help with the investigation

The bodies of the other 25 found victims will go through the same process on Thursday, CNN reports.

Investigators hope they can use dental records and DNA samples to identify each of the found bodies.

Officials say the location of the found remains is not an indicator of the crash site, since the current in the area is very strong the bodies would no doubt have drifted far away since Monday. They are however unsure exactly how far the bodies drifted.

Just days before the first bodies were discovered, officials told families the possibility of finding any remains were extremely low. Relatives are now increasingly hopeful they will at least be reunited with their lost kin.

One CNN reporter noted that the bodies looked bloated after days of floating in the ocean.

Other items were recovered as well, about 700 miles off the coast of Brazil. They include part of the plane’s wing and tail, two seats, luggage, a life vest and a leather bag with a Flight 447 boarding pass still inside, according to CNN.

An oxygen mask was also found, which could reinforce the automated message’s claim that the plane was losing cabin pressure.

Brazilian officials say their number one priority is to find as many bodies as possible and to return them to grieving families. They are also placing much importance on finding pieces of the plane, which they say will aid in the crash investigation.

French nuclear sub arrives

France deployed a nuclear sub, the Emeraude, to help find the sunken black boxes. The sub arrived Wednesday and is actively searching for the downed plane.

Also, two American acoustic devices are to be placed aboard two French ships. The devices will try to pick up signals from the plane’s sunken recorders, still pinging at the bottom of the ocean.

The devices can search for the beacons to a maximum of 20,000 feet.

Improper speed could be plane crash culprit

Air France and French officials are in charge of finding out what caused the Air France plane to plunge into the Atlantic without any manual warning. It is currently being speculated that the plane broke up in flight.

However without the black boxes, investigators may never know for certain why the plane crashed.

The plane sent out four minutes of automated messages before going down. The messages suggest the plane may have been flying at an improper speed through a heavy storm, possibly due to malfunctioning Pitot tubes. Air France will soon replace Pitot tubes on all of its medium- and long-haul Airbus jets.

Malfunctioning Pitot tubes could have caused the Air France airliner to decelerate and accelerate too rapidly for a storm of such magnitude. The storm faced by the plane, reportedly, sucked up water from the ocean below with 100 mph updrafts. The wet air then rapidly froze at the plane’s high altitude, causing major turbulence and possibly resulting in the Pitot tubes sending improper speed readings to the jet’s on board computers.

Air France told its pilots’ unions that no Airbus A330 or A340 will take off unless two of three Pitot tubes have been replaced, CNN reports.

Plane may have broken up in-air

CBC reports the Brazilian navy has found a large piece of the tail of Flight 447. The navy revealed the vertical stabilizer – which forms part of the tail -was recovered whole in the ocean.

William Waldock, an air crash investigation professor told the Associated Press that piece has what looked like lateral damage. This would reinforce the theory that the plane broke up in-air.

“If it hits intact, everything shatters in tiny pieces,” said Waldock, CBC reports. Further examining the piece can indicate from which direction the force that caused the stabilizer to detach from the Airbus came.

As questions about Airbus A330 safety arise, several airlines have rushed to its defense.

“It is a very robust airplane. It has been flying for many years, clocking hundreds of millions of hours and there is absolutely no reason why there should be any question over this plane. It is one of the best flying today,” said Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airline, at a conference in Kuala Lumpur.

However on Wednesday, an Airbus A320 flying from the Canary Islands to Olso, Norway had to make an emergency landing after the pilot detected a “problem with the engine.” There were reportedly 189 passengers on board, none of whom were injured. All are expected to take another flight, though many will perhaps inquire about the make and model of their new plane.

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  1. maya

    dependant on electric power & without it it the pilots cannot control the plane

  2. maya

    dependant on electric power & without it the pilots cannot control the plane

    • Nick

      I know that this flight didn’t fall due to electronic failure, but I think the engines blew, it has been an increasing problem.

      • Michael

        That’s stupid. All of the engines on a commercial airliner don’t just BLOW off the plane. Even if one engine failed, the plane would have been able to continue flying, return toward land, put out a verbose emergency broadcast, etc etc. It wouldn’t dive into the ocean in seconds.

  3. Linda

    This is such a tragic story, i have been reading and viewing the news continuesly all week. What a horrible waY to die & of course poor families. You would think with ”high technology” these days that were safe, anything can happen any day.On top of it pilot seemed to have alot of experience I’ve taken my first flight this year and i am not planning to take another for a while. My condolences to all the family and my thoughts and prayers are with them.

  4. ariana

    There is no doubt that this air flight has been the worst plane crash of 2009.Just to imagine how everything happen makes me wanna think and think,why everything had to happen so soon so quick.Was there any way they could of got out i mean i believe that it was too soon come on wat about the little born baby with his mom,the children and the people .Really i would of gave my life for all them people to survive .my condolences to all the families of the people of air flight 447.Of course if there any way i could help i will with donations for them families i believe that there was no need for them people to die and definitely not like this.It really hurts me .so if there any way i could help with donations i will.I stay in los angeles california im 17 years and i am very concern of them my number is 3237542830.

  5. Zakir Hossain (Singapore)

    Have you guys noticed how many air disaster took place this year? This is really really alarming!!

  6. emmanuel obinnah

    its horrific and unimaginable .only God in heaven knows what happened.may Gods peace be with them all.

  7. Gina

    This is just tragic way to have to loose someone this way. My condolences to all the families that have to morn the lost of their loved ones thru this tragedy. There have just been too many tragedies on the air in the past year, and frankly is an alarming situation. I hope that more bodies are found and that all official find some answers for all of us. On the other hand no matter what only God may know ultimately what happened and how it all occur.

  8. unsinkinblackbox

    when will the aircraft designers design a black box that can stay afloat…for example to deploy a mark flag on surface of water???

  9. ezmy

    wow this really sux.
    this story made me cry
    like seriously why do things like that happen
    my prayers go out to the families who lost ther loved ones and i hope they find more bodies. honestly i hope it was an imidiate death and hopefully no one had to suffer. god bless everyonee and hopefully the blak box is found.

  10. Patrick

    Even if we are in the modern times with electronics, the plane company should make enough provission for the pilot to over ride the system and use a mechanical device to get the plane to a safe location, this is total nonsense in the world we live in today to see a plane crash like this. Also the control towers around the world shoul get there acts together and don’t alow things like miscommunication like this to ocure


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