Google, the popular search engine (and by popular we mean the number one visited website on the entire Internet), is famous for continually altering their homepage layout and is doing so again today, but this time in commemoration of one of the most memorable video games of all time.

You guessed it, Tetris.

The seemingly ancient game turns 25 years young today and to celebrate Google is decking out their page with the letters of Google spelled out in Tetris form. If you haven’t already visited Google after 4PM EST, when the North American page went live, head over to Google to see what you’ve been missing.

Long live Tetris. You’ve aggravated and been loved by gamers for a quarter century.

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  1. Johan I. Fraser

    I lost my TETRIS game when I got my new pc. Can you help me, I miss it so much. Poor old Gran doesn’t know how to obtain same on her pc.

    Love to Eddie, Johan I. Fraser, Melbourne, Australia. XXXXXXX

  2. Jan

    I noticed the Tetris theme – was amazed that they chose Tetris over D-Day. Oh well. It’s their company and this is an obvious statement. Google commemerates Earth Day, but not D Day. And since they don’t have a “theme” every day…it would appear that this was an obvious effort to give a cold shoulder rather than express appreciation to the veteran’s who faught and gave their lives on D-Day. Welcome to the New World. Where right is wrong and wrong is right. Thank you to every veteran who has served our country – making sacrifices great and small. From the freedom to go to dinner and a movie with their friends when and where they choose to months of separation from family to actually sustaining loss of limb and life protecting the country that they love. God Bless America.

    • Matt

      God bless the whole earth, so that one day we will all get along.

    • Paul


      I couldn’t have said it better! Google could have picked this past Thursday, or next Tuesday, considering the “birth” of Tetris is probably unknown. But what IS a given IS D-Day. You’re right, no mention.
      And for all the folks that say ‘get a life’ or ‘one day we’ll all get along’ wake up and smell the coffee. The only thing we’ll all have in common is a lack of respect for our Military and the United States of America.
      BOOO to Google and all the other folks that have made a mockery of all things Free and USA.

  3. Toe

    Who are we to say that they HAVE to conmemorate D-Day???. They were the first to change their logo to conmemorate something. It is an important day for allot of people but that does not mean u have expect Google to conm. it. They didnt….you want to remember that important day…do something yourself, dont expect some other to do it for you. Go watch a Savin Private Ryan or something. Sheesh people these days…….

    • Paul

      Dear “sheesh”

      I didn’t say they “had to” commemorate it. I said it would have been a respectful thing to do and celebrate Tetris on on another day. Here’s a suggestion: maybe you move to another country, you know, one where no one is/has/will fight for your rights and freedoms.

      I’m sure your ancestors that might have been at D-Day would be oh so proud of you for your lack of respect and a total disregard for such an important date in history that should be recognized by all Americans. If it weren’t for those incredibly brave men and women that fought the battles that D-Day commemorates you would not have the right to speak your mind.

      In the mean time I suggest you go watch Private Ryan and any other Military movie and thank your lucky stars and God that you had someone brave enough to fight for your ability to say “Sheesh, people these days”…………

      Sounds like someone doesn’t want to hear another viewpoint when you say go do something else. I have the same right to speak as you do, to disagree with you, just as you have with me. Maybe it’s time to stop, listen, and begin to appreciate others rights to speak out, not just your own.

  4. brent elkins

    Tetris home page for google SUCKS. I prefer the classic home page. How many others agree

    • Evan

      Get over it dude- it’s google for crying out loud. They always change up their homepge. Sometimes it’s something you like, sometimes it isn’t. It’s just the way it is. Complaining about it is pointless because it’s just going to be different in a few days anyways. Whether you like the flavor of the week or not, it never lasts long enough to matter…

  5. Jan

    I am just curious at those who respond with “get over it”…”It’s just the way it is” “Complaining about it is pointless…” – what motivates an individual such as that to think their reply is any less different than an individual expressing their opinion over Google? Obviously, because something stirs within you that prompts you to respond. Ironic, that some feel compelled to comment critically about a comment that others felt compelled to comment on critically.

    “Complaining about it is pointless” is actually not true. If enough people “complain” change is more likely to occur than if all remain silent. Sir Edmund Burke said it very well, “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to say nothing”. What’s the old campfire song? It only takes a spark to get a fire going?

    Thanking God for the country we live in that allows us to express our voices without fear of reprisal from our government. I hope that each person realizes the import of our military – their personal sacrifices…their willingness to, literally, lay down their lives to protect their fellow countrymen. Even more amazing when one considers that this is an entirely voluntary entity. God bless our soldiers and keep them safe. God bless America. God bless the world.


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