Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune sadly(or not, that’s up to you) had no multiplayer, but the sequel, Among Thieves, contains frenzied online mayhem in both a cooperative and competitive manner, and best of all, the beta for said multiplayer began yesterday.

However, the only way to gain entry to the exclusive beta is through the purchase of another Sony exclusive, inFamous. We’re not saying this is a bad thing, as inFamous looks to be an incredible title worth your money, only that you can’t simply download it freely.

So if you’ve already purchased inFamous and were unaware of the gift, snap open that box as soon as possible and enter your redemption code on the PSN. And if you need any more reason to pick up inFamous, maybe this beta will be your deciding factor.

Questions or concerns regarding the beta? Head on over here, to the PlayStation blog where Uncharted 2 multiplayer designer Justin Richmond has an in-depth guide to multiplayer in the title.

The beta runs from June 3 to 28 so get in while the going’s good!

If you’re already in the beta leave us your impressions in the comments.

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