It’s that time again. Shoot an e-mail to [email protected] for an opportunity to get a free pass to “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3.” There are only 10 passes, and they are first come first serve, so send on over those e-mails.

In “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3,” Denzel Washington stars as New York City subway dispatcher Walter Garber, whose ordinary day is thrown into chaos by an audacious crime: the hijacking of a subway train. John Travolta stars as Ryder, the criminal mastermind who, as leader of a highly-armed gang of four, threatens to execute the train’s passengers unless a large ransom is paid within one hour. As the tension mounts beneath his feet, Garber employs his vast knowledge of the subway system in a battle to outwit Ryder and save the hostages. But there’s one riddle Garber can’t solve: even if the thieves get the money, how can they possibly escape?

“The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3” hits theaters June 12.

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  1. Pamela Lee

    I would like to see Pelham 123. I am a fan of John Travolta. I like some of the movies of Denzel Washington and John Travolta. Thank you.

  2. Vicky of Boston


    I’d like to have a pass too please. I’d love to see Travolta and Washington in action. I think, over the last few years, since Pulp Fiction, Travolta has really done well.


  3. Windsor of Bean Town

    I would like a pass please. I have a old picture with John Travolta when he filmed a movie here in Jamaica Plain. Both Washington & Travolta are actors I vote for.

  4. linda

    I watch all of the Denzel Washington and John Travolta movies. This is the first movie together and can’t wait to see them in action. Thanks for any available pass to this movie.

  5. Courtney

    HI! I’m a huge fan of Denzel Washington and John Travolta. I’m really looking forward to seeing this film and seeing them together. Thank you for any available pass!

  6. carlton

    I love see john and denzel in action. BOth are big stars. Please save me a pass to this movie screening.

  7. Doreen

    I have to see what Denzel looks like with 30 pounds more .
    Would like a pass .

  8. Davehere


    I would love a pass. This looks a bit like Inside Man and I love a good thriller. John Travolta and Denzel Washington are a plus!


  9. Jabulani Barber

    I would also like passes. Thank you. I think travolta will rock!

  10. Lisa W.

    Hi there,

    I love John Travolta and Denzel Washington and would kindly request passes for this movie as it looks fantastic! It is much appreciated! Thank you so much!


  11. max anthony

    I would love to go i loved the orignal one in the. I love Denzel Washington and John Travolta they are great actors and would love to see this movie so much!!!!!


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