Electronic Arts announced today that the next installment in the famed futbol (soccer) series, FIFA ’10 will be the most “complete and intelligent simulation of soccer” ever made.‚  Quite a lofty claim indeed from the mega-publisher, but I can think of 275 million reasons why they’ll pull it off.

EA revealed today that over 275 million matches of FIFA ’09 have been played online between September 2008 and June 1 2009 and have received helpful feedback from a considerable number of footballers across the globe to help build the next game the way the fans want it.

Included additions to FIFA ’10 include

  • More sophisticated ball control and physical interaction between players
  • Players move, behave, and position themselves more realistically
  • On offense players will bend runs and analyze space more effectively
  • Better balance on lofted balls
  • Improved goalkeeper intelligence (THANK YOU!)
  • More realistic shooting mechanics with less shots hitting the goal posts
  • The first-ever true 360‚° dribbling system gives players finer control of the ball
  • “Freedom in Physical Play”-allows for the player to perform wider dribble touches

I am still learning to perfect the intricacies of FIFA ’09, but I can say that I’ve helped buff that tally up to 275 million in the past year, although I usually find myself on the losing end of the draw. Soccer is my favorite sport and if we’re going to have the FIFA vs. Pro Evolution debate, let it happen in the comments and I’ll throw my sentiment in there.

Until then, look for FIFA ’10 in the fall with forthcoming details spawning in the coming months.

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