Steve Weibe, a Washington state native and professional Donkey Kong gamer attempted to dethrone Billy Mitchell from Donkey Kong glory yesterday in a live broadcast attempt at the staggering world record of 1,050,200 on G4TV at E3 in Los Angeles.

How did he do? Sadly, after 4 dramatic tries at the record, Wiebe ultimately fell short in every instance.‚  Was it the pressure packed scenario? Not likely. Wiebe has competed on live television before.‚  Was it a failure of mental aptitude? Again, not likely, as Wiebe is an advanced Algebra teacher and is known to break down the game to a mathematical base.

So what did the man who was first to break the 1,000,000 barrier in the legendary arcade game suffer from in his attempts?‚  Pure, cold, bad luck.

A first attempt yielded a mighty score of 923,400.‚  His second try garnered a tally of 653,700. A third attempt was disrupted by a brief power failure forcing the man to try again, and this time, believe it or not, the infamous “kill screen” halted Wiebe’s efforts at an impressive mark of 989,400.

This event marked the first time ever a Kill Screen was broadcast on live TV, and man oh man, what an unfortunate time for its occurrence.

A kill screen, for those unaware is, according to my main man Wikipedia, any stage or level, most commonly in Arcade games “that stops the player’s progress due to a programming error or design oversight. Rather than “ending” in a traditional sense, the game will crash, freeze, or behave so erratically that further play is impossible.”

Was legendary rival Billy Mitchell behind the power failure and happy to see the kill screen?‚  The world may never know. ‚  As far as we know the man resides in Antarctica perpetually practicing Donkey Kong only to arise when his record is broken.‚  Nah, he lives in sunny Florida, and is a respectable man, but we know Wiebe should be king.

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  1. todd c. splinter

    billy mitchell is not a respectable man. he is a fraud.

  2. Chris

    He has to say that. Magazine writers need to be PC.

    Mitchell is a jerk.

  3. Hunt the Wumpus

    Billy Mitchell is the greatest arcade player of all time and is a fantastic role model for youngsters everywhere. There is no denying his success both inside and outside the world of quarters, as the hot sauce he peddles is nearly as amazing as his joystick prowess. Let’s rejoice in his triumph once again. Thank goodness that camera hog Wiebe- who should best be known as the worst father in America after disgustingly making his son soil himself instead of breaking away from his game in the garage to escort the toddler to the loo- failed miserably in his futile attemps to dethrone the true king of DK- the great Billy Mitchell.

    • mitchells a bum!

      obviously Hunt the Wumpus likes billy’s meat in his mouth. or billy’s so sad that hes going to all the forums and sees all the people that hate him and posts him self as a “role model” HAHAHA hes the Antichrist for kids. if you think we need more mindless kids that don’t know anything thing about the real world your stupid. i’m not a fan of either guy but ya know what people like mitchell make people like wiebe loose there lives in a game. so BO YA

  4. TDG

    What the hell is the Wunpus smoking that makes him disregard reality so easily? Wiebe is the one and only king, end of story. Billy Mitchell’s conduct is so henious, he should be banned from competition for life, and if anything he is the worst example of gamemanship I’ve ever seen. Both loser and a jerk rolled into one.

  5. Matt

    The kill screen wasn’t unlucky. It happens at the same point in the game, every time. That’s why the record is so tough, there is a limited amount of levels in which to score. Please don’t report on things of which you are woefully ignorant.

  6. sean

    It wouldn’t matter if wiebe did break the world record. Bully (yes thats how I wanted to spell it) Mitchell would just mail a crappy video of himself cheating and scoring even higher. It’s all been done before. I think Mitchell is a hack and a cheat. His record score videos are all very fuzzy and with a ton of static. And a convenient glitch on the same side of the screen as the score that conveniently covers it up. Yeah, that sounds like a true PRO.

  7. Billys wifey

    why you all hating on my man? Not only is he the King of Kong, he has a big shlong that I love in my mouth. You geeks keep trashing him while I play with his balls. losers!

  8. Billys A Dork

    Oh man, Billy Mitchell is such a complete dork.
    How anyone can take him seriously without laughing in his face astounds me.
    His whole merry band of losers is equally sad.

    • Jarrod (Australia)

      you hit the nail on the head, Steve is a million times the man that billy could never be. in my book its only the live score that counts, Steve is the true WORLD RECORD HOLDER. on ya, Mate

  9. Billy Mitchell

    Please do not be like that gentleman, I gained that score honestly and without hacking. It is small minds like yours that motivate me to be the world champion- and every time I jump a barrell, it is representative of my jumping over your futile attempts to dethrone me. Wiebe is the true cheat. I am a god. And please do not tease my hair. I was rocking the mullet when you guys were still breast feeding. Thanks to Wumpus for keeping it real. Stryper rules !!!

    • mitchells a bum!

      hope u get hit by a bus billy mitchell then you would be in the headlines for something real

  10. sean

    i really would like to see billy come out, in public, on live tv, and try and crack the 1 mill mark. I wonder how he even got that score.

  11. aries

    Wiede is the true champ of dk tell bill to do it live he won’t be able to and who still uses vcr tapes with all the money billy have he puts it on VCR you know its a fake

  12. G4-Dweeb

    No doubt, I’ve always cheered for the underdog. I’m also a realist, a skeptic, too… but, a realist none-the-less. I doubt the infamous VCR tape of Mitchell’s 1 million breaking score. Simply due to the static the seemed to “glitch the score”. At the same time, it WAS declared legitimate by the twin galaxies records officials. I was quite irked when the tape emerged shortly after Wiebe’s record breaking score. But, I guess that’s just tactical advantagism. I’ve got to agree with sean; I’d not only like to see Mitchell come out and play DK live, but I think it would all be conclusive IF there were a head to head competion. Two machines, Mitchell at one and Wiebe at the other.
    That’s my opinion. I’m TRYING to be unbiased, but like I said…I always root for the underdog.

  13. Razzy 316

    Weibe is in my opinion the only true high score record holder because he stomped Billy’s previously untouchable record many many times LIVE!!! He even went to a tournament 10 miles from Billy’s home and that idiot wouldn’t play him. Billy Mitchell is a fraud and the tape of him breaking 1 million is probably a fake he should go hang himself and maybe than he’d do something news worthy!!!!

  14. Chris

    I know Wiebe’s daughter. she goes to my school! she actually shared a story of this in Langage Arts class.

  15. I Luv ChiChiNaNah

    Billy Mitchell is a coward and a hypocrite. Mitchell can’t face Wiebe to prove his game but he can’t. At least Wiebe can handle a challenge…Mitchell is scared and frightened to play against someone who is well above his caliber. Mitchell’s 1 million is a glitch. Wiebe hit 1 million TWICE and legitimately.


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