There is also a new Boom Blox currency, called Boom Bux, that you can spend on unlocking stages or buying new items, if you aren’t able (or simply don’t want to) unlock them the regular way, by earning x number of bronze, silver or gold medals. No one is forcing you to buy them though, so the game can remain as difficult as you want it to be, which is a nice inclusion that works for more casual gamers as well as those that are going to spend the time earning every single gold medal in Boom Blox.


Maybe 400 new levels isn’t enough for you though. Maybe you’re some kind of Boom Blox addict that needs a constant fix, or else you will start to have withdrawals. Luckily, EA has an IV for you with a constant stream of new Boom Blox levels for you in the form of its level creator and smartly implemented online userbase. Not only do you have the option to download user-created (and EA supplied) levels from the level editor interface, but you can also pick up more of them straight from the sub-sections, listed after the retail levels. In addition, you won’t even have time to run to the refrigerator for a drink while you wait, as the downloads are very fast, and easily accessed. EA plans on supplying you with levels that they create in order to expand your playtime, and in addition, you also get the work of all of the people spending time putting together levels. You can rate the stages you love the most, search by type of levels or name… it’s very accessible, easy to use for everyone, and best of all, works like a charm. Kudos to EA for doing something this ambitious themselves while also handing the keys off to its fanbase. It’s essentially impossible to “finish” Boom Blox Bash Party because of this.

The game is great alone. The game is great with friends. The game is great even after you finish playing the 400 levels it was packaged with, because you can either replay those until you earn golds and achievements for all of them, or you can settle in and download even more levels from friends, strangers, or EA themselves. This is easily one of the top party titles of the year, and a great game for gamers, casual or core.

Boom Blox Bash Party is available exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, and is available at retail for $39.99

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