KOEI, publisher of Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce for PSP, announced today that beginning tonight, and spanning the months to come, free add-on content for the action/strategy game will be available for download over the PlayStation Network.

Starting at approximately 6PM PST, the first set of DLC for the title will be available and ready for you to download as a gift from KOEI to you. Aww, isn’t that nice.

Here’s what you’ll be getting in the first free content pack.

Arena Challenger – Assault Wu and gain rare materials. (Difficulty: 2)

Battle of Guan Du X – Return to Guan Du to finish the fight. (Difficulty: 5)

Multi Attack! – Use Multi Attack with your allies to take on Cao Cao. (Difficulty: 1)

Battle of Mei Castle X– Return to Mei Castle to finish the fight. (Difficulty: 5)

Ice Bi Xie Appears! – Defeat Ice Bi Xie at Hu Lao Gate. (Difficulty: 9)

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