I can stop being bitter about this now thanks to Atlus, but initially, the somewhat generic and unfocused looking Ninja Blade was the From Software title coming to North America, while this incredible, ambitious looking fantasy game was staying in Japan and Asian territories. It just boggled the mind that this would happen, but as I said, Atlus was here to make everything better and keep us all from spending lots of money on an import.

It’s a good thing too, as you can see in this first North American trailer for the game. We have also pulled some screens from the trailer for you to check out, highlighting a few of the “whoa!” moments contained within it. Everything about this game is huge, and it looks like it could be loads of fun to play.

Demon’s Souls is an open-ended, dark fantasy RPG that features three player co-op as well as competitive play. Early reviews for the game overseas ranged from solid to impressive, and we’re looking forward to its North American release so we can get our hands on it as well. For now, check out the trailer and screens, and be sure to drop back in for more info as we near release, as well as Demon’s Souls recently opened website.


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