Electronic Arts announced today that their $60 fitness game sold a staggering 600,000 copies in the two weeks it’s been available at retail.‚  If you’re into comparisons, Wii Fit has sold a gargantuan 19.54 million units in it’s life to date.‚  Good luck catching up EA Sports, especially as Wii Fit Plus is likely to be announced when Nintendo gives their keynote address today at 12PM Boston time.

What’s more is that the company revealed plans today for an obvious expansion pack set to contain 30 additional workouts, focused on upper and lower body strengthening as well as cardio.

Also in the expansion pack is the new “Six Week Challenge.” This program consists of daily routines that ramp up in difficulty over the course of the period. Furthermore, the ability to check in with your virtual trainer and monitor your fluctuating weight, etc, could be just enough to force you to skip that extra cookie at dessert tonight.

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  1. Candice

    I bought one of those 600,000 copies lol! And I’m loving it so far. I’m only a few days into my own six week challenge but I already feel better about myself. Whenever I need a little motivation I just head over to the EA Sports Active Wii fitness website and read something in the Motivation Center.


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