It sounds like Nintendo took some of the complaints about the original Wii Plus to heart, and in response will be releasing Wii Fit Plus this fall. In this new version of Wii Fit, customization is the key, as you will be able to structure workouts that tailor towards specific things like conditioning, strength training, toning and the like.

There are also 15 new balance games, including juggling skateboarding, and “Perfect 10”, which has you swaying your hips in the direction of specific numbers, trying to total 10. Cammie Dunnaway described it as, “Brain Age for your backside.” There as also a platform game where you ran around jumping and dodging, which Dunnaway described as “running a mile in Mario’s shoes.”

Wii Fit Plus will ship this fall in a bundled form with the Balance Board, as well as in a standalone form for those that already own the original. Given that Nintendo’s Wii Fit has sold more copies since its launch than any other game–and almost as many at 19.5 million as some competitors have with their consoles over their lifespan–it’s not a surprise to see a new year with new software to support it.

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