Sony held their lengthy E3 media briefing this morning in sunny Los Angeles and the company clearly had games on the brain.‚  They announced, showed off, and even demonstrated a myriad of hot titles coming to PS3 and PSP in the future but at a point in the middle interestingly departed from their game onslaught to debut a brand new precision-based motion-control technology bearing no name.

Due out early next year, this new 1:1 motion tracking technology makes use of two wands with colored balls of light at their ends tracked by a camera located near the PS3 itself.

Two engineers on the project took the stage, revealed that the new tech has been in the works for a “few years now” and will add to the PS3 interactive capabilities, and promised that what they were showing was merely a prototype.

That said, the two showed the first capabilities of the control mechanism, and while the technology is obviously not revolutionary (see Wii), it was alluring nonetheless.

We saw motion-tracking at a very precise level as the demonstrator showed how, by using the two wands, any number of gaming possibilities can be achieved including the use of the dynamic wands as literal extensions of one’s hands to build, draw, and create any number of things in the virtual test space.

More interestingly, when an object was picked up in the virtual space it could be transfigured into any number of objects ranging from a peaceful paint brush to a hell raising automatic weapon.

We don’t know where this technology will lead in the immediate future, only that it will become available sometime next year.

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