Sony held their E3 media briefing earlier today and, like an elephant in the room, all of us media types were anxiously awaiting the now certain PSP Go confirmation speech.

Although it was a mere formality, it still had to be said.‚  When the time finally rolled around to announce the darn thing, a Sony executive referred to the new piece of hardware as “the worst kept secret of E3,” and really, how can we disagree?

However, what we didn’t know was when and at what price point we would be seeing the new piece of now smaller gaming hardware.‚  The price? $249.‚  The release date? October 1 2009.‚  As a point of reference, the original PSP, when it released cost the same price.

What’s more is that a new “Media Go” multimedia computer application will be available for the PSP and will replace the somewhat clunky and confusing Media Manager.‚  You’ll know be able to access the PlayStation Store directly from your PC with a much more intuitive interface.

Also, in a continued effort to tout the hardware as a full media player, a new “Sense Me” piece of software, built into the new PSP Go will allow for a selected mood of choice to be entered into the system with your music being chosen for you, depending on your mood. King of like the Genius player on iTunes?‚  We’ll see.

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