This morning at Sony’s E3 media briefing legendary game designer Hideo Kojima of Kojima Productions unveiled his latest endeavor, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker to the hordes of media types on hand in Los Angeles.

Speaking through a translator, even though he didn’t need one yesterday at his Microsoft appearance, Kojima happily announced what he called a “true sequel and not a side story or spin-off” in the Metal Gear series.

Set ten years after Metal Gear Soldi 3 in the 1970’s Peace Walker has all the sneaking, killing, and bad-assery we’ve come to know, love, and expect from the man.

Also mentioned was the fact that Mr. Kojima is, and remains deeply involved in the title, with work duties including lending his abilities‚  even in writing the script for the game due out in 2010.

We don’t know much about the title as of yet, but this is E3, and we do have our editor in chief and senior gaming reporter on the scene perusing through the convention dissecting what they are seeing and revealing it to you, faithful reader, just as soon as possible.

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