Through the words of an American translator and the sights of a‚  glorious debut trailer, Gran Turismo for the PlayStation Portable, and now the PSP Go, was revealed earlier today at the Sony E3 media briefing.

Gran Turismo for PSP is, quoting developer Polyphony Digital, a “full-size GT experience and not simply a shrunken down game.” Good, because shrunken things remind me of what a witch doctor can do to your head!

And with 800 unique cars and 35 race tracks you might think we’re talking about a PS3 version, but no, we aren’t. The title, laughed at and deemed impossible back in 2004 with the launch of the original PSP, is now a manifested reality.

In GT for PSP you’ll be able to race with up to four players via the ad hoc multiplayer system and, most interestingly, you’ll be able to trade, share, and swap cars in your garage with those of friends elesewhere. Cool.

Gran Turismo for PSP will release October 1 alongside the PSP Go as, understandably, one of the systems’ core launch titles.

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