Still no info on this game, besides the obvious things like it’s in 3D and is slated to come out in 2010. While info is minimal, we’ve got a lot for you visual learners to sneak a peek at. A whole gallery of art and images from the newly announced game, in fact.

I hope we have some Golden Sun fans in the audience, as the previous two games were stellar Game Boy Advance efforts–it was well past the time to see a proper sequel in many fan’s minds, but here it is, on its way.



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  1. Porter

    The first two games were indeed excellent games, among my favorite of all time. Something about the story, graphics, and just overall world, really drew me in. I’m hoping they’ll take the story some place I can be satisfied, then again, I’m not really worried seeing as the first two games were so great. Either way, this is my most anticipated game up to this point in my life, I’m definitely looking forward to it.


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