EDIT: June 2 “" Ian Crawford’s replacement is Bryan Dawson. He is the new permanent lead guitarist.

The lead guitarist for Las Vegas pop-rockers The Cab, Ian Crawford, has parted ways with the band. Front-man Alex DeLeon released a statement today saying there were no hard feelings between Crawford and the band but that Crawford wasn’t heading in the same direction musically.

“This was not easy for us, or for Ian, but it needed to happen. I don’t have to say much about him, you know how Ian is. He is a free spirit, and was born in the wrong era. Ian should be playing next to Jimmy Page or John Lennon. His heart was simply not in this genre of music. He didn’t want to play pop or music suitable for the radio” said DeLeon in the statement to The Cab fans.

The band currently has a friend filling in for Crawford and helping them record new material for their upcoming album. DeLeon wants to assure fans that though Crawford has departed it will not mean any serious changes to the band’s sound. Though a new face will be added, they don’t plan on sounding any different than they have previously.

“Let me be the first to tell you that our music will not be any different. We are the same band. We will write the same songs and we will be back stronger than ever. The writing process is still the same”¦ and I promise, we will not disappoint you”¦You’ll see that though there might be a different face, there will not be a different band” said DeLeon.

There is no confirmation if the friend will be joining The Cab on their summer headlining “What Happens in Vegas Tour” but the band has no intention of delaying or changing the tour in any way.

The “What Happens in Vegas Tour” also featuring The Secret Handshake, A Rocket to the Moon, and A Summer set will be in Allston, Mass. on July 19 at Harper’s Ferry.

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