If you’ve been living under a rock (or don’t have cable), then you probably didn’t know MTV was promising an exclusive first glimpse at “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” last night at the MTV Movie Awards. For those of you who missed it, here’s a look at the first “New Moon” trailer:

MTV Twilight blogger Larry Carroll stole the words right out of my mouth when he said the Jacob transformation looks a bit too “The Golden Compass” for my liking. “New Moon” will be a bit easier to adapt for director Chris Weitz than the religion-heavy “The Golden Compass,” but let’s just hope in the six months until “New Moon’s” release he remembers this is a teen movie, not a kids one, and werewolves don’t have to be cute and cuddly “" even if they are Taylor Lautner.

The trailer basically shows us the beginning of the film: Bella’s birthday party, the infamous paper cut, Edward’s departure and Laurent’s attack. But I’m afraid that might have given away too much. It’s been said Weitz added a lot more Edward Cullen into the movie than was in the book, but still, the fleshy portion of the novel is just a combination of Bella and Jacob growing closer and Bella feeling sorry for herself. Many “Twilight” fans admitted that during their first read of “New Moon” they rushed through the bulk of the novel so they could get to Edward’s return. I hope the film adaptation can find the right balance between making the viewers care about the Bella/Jacob development but also have them breathlessly anticipating Italy and the return of Edward.

Just please, please, no more corny flashbacks.

What do you think of the “New Moon” trailer? Do you think it will be better or worse than “Twilight” with a new director at the helm? Has anything you’ve seen so for got you worried? Tell us below!

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  1. BreeJ

    Many of us Twi-Hards love Taylor L, and think the movie will be much easier to watch because of that…Im Team Edward but i adore Taylor and he makes liking Jacob easier.I also love this trailer, and i disagree i like how Jake is a mix of vicious and gentle…

  2. madison


  3. Corinna Hoffman

    I thought I was the only one that felt Jacob’s werewolf transformation was too much like the movie, “The Golden Compass.” Great to know that someone else feels the same way I do. Regardless, I am part of the Team Edward, and I look forward to this movie in November 🙂

  4. sophie W

    so i love Twilight, and the whole series of books.
    but i think there was a bit too much given away in this trailer, especially because Jacob being a werewolf, was a big mystery, and a big part of the plot like. and in about 3 seconds, the viewers already know.

    but i am not going to complain anymore,i mean it looks great, and personally i can’t wait for it, especially because we don’t have to wait very long! 😀 and the same for the third one, i mean next june?! that’s what you call an achievement, especially with all the time it must take to film and get all the effects in, which are great. very exciting (: TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!


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