In a more determined effort to keep gamers attached to their Xbox 360’s for longer and longer, Microsoft announced this morning that popular social and music networking outlets Twitter, Facebook,, an updated Netflix service, and streaming television in the UK will soon be part of the Xbox experience.

That’s right, you’ll soon be able to update your status on Facebook, check your Tweets on Twitter, listen to free streaming music on, manage your Netflix queue straight from your Xbox 360, and watch premiership futbol matches in the UK all in the comfort of your living room with Xbox controller in hand.‚  Why should I ever leave my room again?

Furthermore, an updated video service will buff the available countries from 8 to 18, will remove the need for discs, downloads, or waiting of any sort, as this “instant-on” service, which will also run at a full 1080p launches this fall.

In the United Kingdom, through an exclusive partnership with Sky TV, for the first time ever, live television will be streamed to 360’s everywhere with the availability to pick up futbol (soccer) and Cricket matches at a to be determined price point.

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