All was well at Microsoft’s media briefing this morning until the latter portion of the show when the artifical intelligence character, Milo, belonging to Mr. Peter Molyneux of Microsoft owned Lionhead Studios, appeared and subsequently baffled everyone with what exactly we were seeing.

What we know so far about this Milo character is that he is a deeply emotional being and one that requires the recently (as in the morning) announced “Project Natal” motion controller to make use of.

Molyneux, with the caveat of being a legend of hype, says Milo can recognize your facial structure and react in a number of ways to what he is seeing, experiencing, and becoming involved with.

Sound insane? It should because as of right now it makes little sense, but give this video a look, as it’s what we saw this morning, and either join in our confusion, or enlighten us in the comments below!

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  1. wow account

    I you are confused, I’m freaked out. It gives me the feeling that I am being watched.

    If video games are going to be controlled by facial expressions, I am going to have a hard time eating while playing.


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