A giddy Hideo Kojima graced the Microsoft E3 stage this morning and proclaimed that a “completely new Metal Gear experience” is on the way for Xbox 360 fans this time starring Raiden instead of Solid Snake.

The word “exclusive” was never uttered, so it is safe to assume that Sony fans can still get their fill of Kojima’s latest endeavor.

The game is to be called “Metal Gear Rising” and is due out sometime in the to-be-determined future.

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  1. cap23244

    i can see the moderators on the ps3 fourm will be working over time delteing posts about metal gear soild comng to the 360. they all ways said no way would they do that. i can see the crying and sony fanboy panic going on right now. its a shame people are like that. i own both systems and im glad the devolpers are making games for both systems.its all about money and they want in on the 360 palyers base. cant blame them. i would

  2. cap23244

    to add to that i would like to see gears of war come to the ps3 and have sony put up a dedicated server for it. it would be way better than it is on the 360 for online play thats for sure

  3. PS3 Fanboy

    Don’t mind that its also on Xbox 360 at all, just looking forward to a new Metal Gear. I hope – for the sake of those who only own a 360 – that it doesn’t rely heavily on the ‘revelations’ from the MGS4 story. Even I’m still scratching my head after completing it twice.


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