Prepare to drop, as Bungie showed off Halo 3: ODST today at the Microsoft media briefing with brand new, never before seen in-game footage from the game and details surrounding Halo: Reach, a brand new IP‚  from the Seattle-based developer.

A Bungie developer played through what looked to be the opening cinematic from the title, set weeks before Halo 3, with a single ODST, or Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, falling from space, to the city of New Mombasa.‚  Once landed, the Bungie employee spoke to how the narrative will unfold.‚  He stated that the story will be told in a “unique way,” and one that will move freely around many members of the ODST clan.

You’ll visit the past, or flashbacks from the eyes of many ODST’s in order to solve the puzzle of New Mombasa and get out alive.‚  We were shown “The Rookie,” the first new playable character, but we were also taken inside the body of “Dutch” in another mission.

New features include 2 suppressed fire weapons, a see-in-the-dark visor and a new, urban setting perfect for raising hell in.‚  We were walked through a scene in which a bridge, full of Covenant scum, was obliterated with a couple shots from the Spartan Laser.‚  Bad ass? Indeed, can’t wait to see, and hear more from Bungie throughout the week.

Halo 3: ODST arrives on shelves September 22, 2009.

However, what you’re most likely much more interested in is Bungie’s latest endeavor, “Halo: Reach.”‚  Officially announced today, Reach is mostly under wraps at this point, but from the trailer we were shown, all signs point to a Halo 1 prequel, as a planet, most likely the Spartan home of Reach was destroyed as readers of the novel can confirm.

Interestingly, should you purchase Halo 3: ODST you’ll be granted beta access to Halo: Reach’s multiplayer component.‚  These signs seem to indicate that Halo: Reach is not simply Halo 4, rather a staggering revision, in mechanics to the series.

Halo: Reach is likely very far away from release, but Bungie has claimed fall 2010 to be the season and‚  year.‚  We’ll see.

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