Microsoft is a big fan of the Halo series, and with as much pull as the Halo franchise has it comes as no surprise that they’d want to milk all the cash out of the Chief that they can while the going is good.

Bungie Studios, creators of all things Halo have previously remarked that ODST won’t be a full-fledged experience, clocking in at significantly less hours of playtime than previous iterations.‚  So surely we won’t have our wallets robbed for such a title, will we?

Yes. Yes we will.‚  Microsoft revealed today what will make ODST a full priced, upper-tier, $59.99 game at retail, and the slew of “worthy” content are listed below.

-Halo 3: ODST‚  Campaign, which puts the player in control of different characters in New Mombasa during the events leading up to Halo 3.
-Halo 3 ODST “Firefight” mode, “a new cooperative multiplayer mode where up to four players can assume the role of an ODST squad and fight together to take on increasingly challenging waves of enemies.” Also: “As an ODST squad, you will face increasingly challenging waves of enemies together, striving to earn the highest scores possible, while various “Halo 3” “Skulls” are progressively activated.” (It sounds to us like Gears of War 2’s Horde mode.)
-Three new Halo 3 multiplayer maps on a standalone disc
-The more than 20 downloadable maps previously released for Halo 3 in the Legendary, Heroic and Mythic map packs.
-A key to the forthcoming multiplayer beta for the fall 2010 Bungie game Halo: Reach

In addition to thew normal ODST retail package, a $99 collectors edition bundle, containing the previously mentioned ODST controller, will be a viable option for Halo-savvy fans come September.

via Kotaku

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