Flying Lab, creators of the massively-multiplayer online Pirates of the Burning Sea added a slew of new features to the game today and promised that Pirates is “going strong, and even growing,” bucking the trend which ails many MMO’s on the market.

Really, what Flyling Lab added to the Pirates experience today is singular with multiple facets, but we’ll be fair and call it a dynamic addition to what is already solid gameplay.

That feature is Skirmish, an unrestricted and on-demand PvP mode that allows all to experience that swashbuckling feeling of all out war.

“We’re very excited about Skirmish,”, said Russell Williams, CEO of Flying Lab Software. “we think it really complements our existing PvP and Port Conquest systems, as it lets players PvP in a fun way before getting down to the serious business of defending the realm.”

Please excuse the lack of detail in this piece as I’ve never laid a finger on Pirates of the Burning Sea and don’t quite understand the game past a general level.

However, I certainly will (and you can, too) download the free 14-day trial over at the official site, where boatloads (no pun intended, honestly) of details on the project can be viewed and dissected.

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