Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen the video game, when it releases June 23 alongside the film, will contain a record quantity of unlockables thanks to Publisher Activision’s elbow rubbing with famed Transformer toy maker Hasbro.

Those playing the game on either Xbox 360, PC, or PS3 can unlock the following:

  • Six FULL episodes of the original Transformers animated television series
  • Slideshows of original Hasbro comic art, propaganda-style comic covers and Luxoflux game concept art
  • Generation 1 skins of Ironhide, Starscream and Long Haul, who are all playable characters in the single-player and multiplayer modes
  • All in-game cinematic videos for replay
  • One EXCLUSIVE standalone CG cinematic movie that cannot be seen anywhere else

No specific mention was made of just how to unleash these beasts of rarity, only that you need “complete various challenges throughout the game.” Whatever those may be is entirely unclear.

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