King of Fighters XII is all about fighting, that much is obvious, but in order to simulate that true “arcade feeling,” a robust online mode is needed, isn’t it?

Developer SNK Playmore absolutely thinks so and revealed their plans for the online battlefront today telling us that the title will have the following:

Online lobby support, up to eight players; rankings and leaderboards; and a Clan Mode exclusive to the Sony and PS3 faithful.

In the lobby, two players will duke it out, while the others wait in line to take on the winner. So yeah, it’s like an arcade, but I never liked waiting to play, did you?

The exclusive Clan Mode for PS3 is an interesting inclusion as it allows players to start up clans, recruit more fighters, and play clan vs. clan matches.

King of Fighters XII brawls its way onto PS3 and Xbox 360 this July.‚  Until then, I’d do some finger push-ups to get ready for the crazy-fast button combos you’ll be mashing when the game releases.

Screens below.





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  1. Caleb

    The online play SUCKS!! BIG TIME the game its good I liked it and I was expecting a much better online experience but sad to say the connection is terrible in it feels like your playing in slow motion the game “synchronizes” way too often. I hope the developer will fix it somehow I’m not playing this game again for a good while I’m so disappointed.

  2. boi mctoast

    THE online is fucking horrible. if someone camps and spams pokes there isnt anything you can do about it cuz the lag takes away ur counterattack time. THERE IS SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH INPUT LAG I hate th online everything else about the game is flawless but the online mode is torture


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