GameTrailers TV airs in the wee hours of Friday each week on Spike, and within the confines of the show this week, the first trailer for DJ Hero came about.

You guys absolutely blew up the DJ Hero story we ran yesterday, so we expect you to also comment like crazy in reaction to this trailer and accompanying screens.

Mirroring my sentiment from yesterday, what began as laughable in my eyes has truly morphed into a seemingly worthwhile title given my admiration for mash-ups and remixes.

In a related note and in case you missed it, but you really shouldn’t have, the Ocarina of Rhyme from Team Teamwork came out earlier this year and still has me frozen with its awesomeness.



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  1. tim

    i dont know about that game. looks kinda whack. but team teamwork rules! i just heard they have a new album coming out in two weeks! i got the info at their tumblr

  2. MrRizzleSmith

    well that trailer made the game look gay. I liked the idea when I was reading about Jay z and eminem doing things for the game, but that is a horrible trailer. I still am really interested in the game though and hope it turns out great like guitar hero did.


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