When you hear about a game and your only reaction is “this looks freakin’ sweet” then you know something great is going down, and such a case has never been more obvious than with Madballs in BABO: INVASION.

Madballs is like nothing I’ve ever seen (as the toys came out before I was born); and with a genre description of “casually hardcore” action shooter, how can it be described as anything but unique?

The news here today is that Madballs hopped up the release ladder from a distant September to a very near summer release date exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade, although no specific month, day, week, or minute was passed our way.

In MiB:I, no two games are ever the same because the combat area can be augmented via move-able tiles, and with up to 16 player online, a first for any Arcade title, the experience is likely to get frenzied to say the very least.

Madballs also will introduce Xbox 360 Avatar use in the multiplayer “Avatar Attack” mode, thus bolstering the use of your mandatory mini-me, and making the combat literally personal.

Independent development studio Playbrains are currently working on MiB:I with more details promised soon.

Head on over to the official site to learn more about the ambitious title, watch the trailer, and view a plethora of awesome screenshots from the game.

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