DJ Hero, the newest take on the music/rhythm genre from publisher Activision, is a ground-breaking endeavor no matter how you slice it, and only gets more intriguing with today’s announcement of the inclusion of world-renowned DJ’s Shadow, Z-Trip and AM.

That’s right, tunes from The Black Eyed Peas, 50 Cent, Justice, Marvin Gaye, Beck, Beastie Boys, and N.E.R.D, and many more have been transformed into original mixes by the aforesaid legends of the turntable. Every mix is original and exclusive to the DJ Hero experience and will challenge you to scratch your way to club music excellence.

I must say, DJ Hero has transformed itself from a totally preposterous idea, at least in my perception, to a very intriguing, and dare I say it, worthy investment, and on grounds of ingenuity alone? Well, we’ll see.

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  1. splatter2u

    im thinking that this game is going to be sick. Im a huge fan if Z-Trip and to know that he is in the game makes it worth it.
    if you dont know….…now you know! and trust me you should know.

  2. buddahbelly

    love me some Z-Trip like corn on the cob…if he plays anything on the game like his DEMF set im gonna have to be gettin this game.

  3. awesomO2000

    lets be serious if anyone is buying this game because dj am is in it…ur just funny…nicole richie already has a baby daddy, so move along.
    now if your buying this game for any of the other amazing artist in it…ur just smart.

  4. DJ Loli

    Alot of these DJ’s are up for Americas top 100 DJ’s…if you guys are fans (which most of you seem to be) you should vote.

    i think the link is….

    lemme know if it doesnt work.


    DJ Loli

  5. MaRkY Z

    thanks for the link loli.

    voted for ZTRIP! that guy kills it!

    super excited he’s in the game. does anyone know when the game comes out?

  6. jeff wang

    How much and when does it come out? That’s what we really want to now. Sure Shadow and Z-Trip are wicked fresh, but so what. Especially since we gotta put up with Am? I didn’t even know who he was until I googled him. Just found out he was in a plane crash and is suing the dead pilots.

    Maybe we should all skip the game.

  7. ryanq

    I take it that there are no AM fans out there anymore….THANK GOD!

  8. RHCc

    Im excited about this game, not just because it looks fun, but because activision decided to put Z-Trip on this fold. Gonna try this at E3.


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