Sumthing Else Music Works, and mega-publisher Capcom came together earlier this year and announced a slew of Capcom video game original soundtracks to be released at a to be revealed date.‚  Last week the music purveyor released an original Street Fighter IV soundtrack‚  and today the horrific tunes from the zombified Resident Evil 5 were made availabe to the world.

The soundtrack has 3 discs and a total of 86 songs!‚  The price (at press time) was not available.

Lead Composer Kota Suzuki spoke to the difficulty of creating the perfect horror-based soundtrack:

“As the look of the game has changed from the previous series, I spent many hours trying to figure out how to approach it with music. We tend to relate horror with darkness, but this time the game takes place in Africa with a blazing hot sun.” I contemplated on how I could stir the player’s emotion by music embodying two opposite elements? After much trial and error, the director came up with a key phrase ‘panic horror.’ And from there, I put my focus on panic-stricken music for the players. In fact, I did often get panicky while playing this game myself. I wonder what your experiences will be?”

Look for the Resident Evil 5 soundtrack today on physical disc at retail, and on the web on the Sumthing Else digital music store, and iTunes.

Re 5 on Sumthing Digital

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