Love online shooters but hate parting with your hard earned scratch?‚  If you fit into those first two categories you’d do well to heed the following news “" Sudden Attack, one of Asia’s most popular free-to-play online first-person shooters is coming stateside beginning today with a closed beta experience for hopeful gamers.

The closed beta sign-up began today over at the game’s official site, and the heads started flying at 3PM, when servers went live for excited headshot honchos.

Time is of dire essence as the beta runs for a mere 5 days only, so hop, skip, or jump over to the sign-up page to join in on the frenzied multiplayer action and access tons, tons, tons more information on the pro bono shooter title from GameHi.

Sudden Attack is set to debut in North America summer 2009.

Sudden Attack

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