If you’ve been itching to try your hand at the new real-time strategy game BattleForge from Electronic Arts, the publisher confirmed details today of an offer you absolutely cannot refuse.

Phenomic Studios’ epic RTS is now available for what EA calls a “Free 4 Play” download that eschews the need to travel to the store and pick up the retail box for $29.99, though you still can if you’re bleeding from the ears with money.

If you have a keen memory you’ll recall that BattleForge recently dropped in price from $49 to $29, but the discounts keep on rolling today, as the game goes %100 free.

Now for what you probably care most for “" restrictions, limitations, and all forms of suckery with the “Free 4 Play” version. Interestingly and intriguingly, there are none!

The new free version allows gamers access to the BattleForge game in its entirety including all the community features, scenarios, and the recently launched Renegade Campaign, as well as 32 of the available 200 trading cards.

The retail version is still available at your local video game purveyor for $29.99, but is now simply a 3000 point, 64 card, box.

The decision to go free is an understandable one as the word “free” attracts hordes of gamers to the brand and, in a game fueled by micro-transactions, will most likely end up earning EA more money.

BattleForge Free 4 Play

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