Memorial Day, today, marks the unofficial beginning of the warm summer months, and if this week’s boxed retail offerings don’t float your boat and you have a Wii or DSi, Nintendo has some “hot” downloadable goodies for you.


American Popstar: Road to Celebrity (800 DSi Points) is just what it sounds like, and on the road to stardom you’ll first audition at your high school, but oh no, your crush and rival are also trying out!‚  Your character is fully customizable and the game utilize both the DSi’s camera and sound alteration functionality.

Photo Clock (200 DSi Points) looks to be actually a very useful application as it allows for photos taken to be displayed, either statically or in a slideshow form, on the top screen while a clock, either in analog or digital fashion shines on the bottom.‚  Up to three programmable alarms, with the snooze capability are also at your fingertips ensuring that you’ll never be late.‚  Maybe.


Bubble Bobble Plus! (600 Wii Points) is a 1-4 player simple action game where you control the bubble-blowing dragons Bub and Bob, trapping enemies in bubbles and then popping them.‚  In the ranked online mode, you can take the competition to the world and show what you’ve got (or don’t) and interestingly a whopping 100 additional rounds contained in “Expert Mode 1 + 2” will be available for purchase as DLC.

Adventure Island: The Beginning (800 Wii Points) has players exploring “Adventure Island” while searching for Golden Melons (shhh) via progressing through stages and via the obvious mini-game component. ‚ ‚ Mini-games, on the Wii? No, that can’t be.‚  Oh wait.

Virtual Console-

Clay Fighter (800 Wii Points) is exactly the 2-4 player SEGA Genesis title as you remember from all those years ago.‚  The same zany interstellar clay slams into earth turning the circus employees into bizarrely super powered versions of themselves.‚  Man, somehow I skipped over this title years ago, but that description is enough to force me to spend my Wii Points that have been searing a hole in my jeans for quite some time.

Anyone picking anything up this week from the three-fold Nintendo download service?

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