Electronic Arts unleashed a brand spankin’ new Sims 3 commercial for television this week, and all I can say is, “prepare to memorize it word for word,” as you’re bound to hear it again, and again, and probably again.

We already knew about the insane marketing blitz EA has embarked upon for this newest Sim refresher, but now our TV screens aren’t safe from the little avatars.

Granted, the commercial is imaginative and alluring, truly showing off the capabilities of the game.

The Sims 3 launches June 2 for PC and Mac…prepare yourselves..

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  1. Rosa

    This videois coool!!
    I’m so thrilled and excited for the sims 3 to come out!!!
    Although ot is unfortunate the the came has leaked, but I’m waiting for June 2nd to come to buy it, I’m not gonna illegally download it o whatever-thats so wrong!I would’nt feel good about it if i did.Although i am sooo tempting to get my hands on it ….June 2nd- i luv ya!


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