It isn’t a Wii game without the words “family” or “fun” so it comes as no surprise that famed publisher Tecmo announced Family Fun Football for Wii today.

This isn’t the Tecmo Bowl revision maybe you were looking for, and is indeed a unique take on the gridiron game; it’s got mini-games.

Frogs Vs. Outlaws

In a dynamic Arcade style, complete with colorful football stadiums, the ability to play as one of the games’ characters, your Mii, a slew of animals, aliens, or robots, you’ll be able to tackle your friends in this stylized football experience.

Toros Vs. Aliens

To help out those not so astute when it comes to the somewhat confusing playcalling mechanic found in the Madden series, Tecmo is offering a very basic offensive and defensive playbook utilized by the very approachable Wii Remote control scheme.

Enjoy the vivid trailer for the game below.

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