When the Sims 3 launches, gamers will be able to download an all-new town on day one from The Sims 3 website. This town, Riverview, is a countryside town that has its share of farms and small-town people for you to discover and befriend.

In addition, EA passed along word that those who log on to The Sims 3 website will earn 1,000 SimPoints that you can use to purchase new outfits, hairstyles, furniture, and the like. Looks like the homepage is going to be flooded on day one with those who have been waiting for the next full installment in the Sims universe.

Screens of Riverview are below, as well as additional shots from the game. To read more about The Sims 3, hit the jump to see the press release.



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  1. Laura

    I just can’t wait for the Sims 3! The videos and screenshots look excellent. Although I’m not sure about the whole ongoing community thing. I’m a player who really likes to be in control of everything. Having the sims do what they want scares me a little…

    I also can’t believe it has been five years since they released The Sims 2! It seems like just yesterday I was awake at 8 in the morning walking down to my local Game. 😀

  2. Brit

    I was just a young teenager when the sims2 came out, it has been such a great stress reliever and a great tool to enhance my creativity.

    I’m thrilled that EA games/Sims creators are bringing, once again, another great fun-filled game.

    I have my pre-orded from bestbuy already! I’m so excited!


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