Rumors have been flying for weeks about whether or not Fox would broadcast the final episode of the first season of Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse.” After Fox unexpectedly renewed the series, interest in Episode 13, called “Epitaph One,” surged.

Blast spoke to a source at Fox who told us, “At this point, Fox does not have any plans to broadcast Epitaph One,” but “it is confirmed to appear on the ‘Dollhouse’ Season One DVD collection, which is being released on Tuesday, July 28.”

With “Dollhouse” set to premiere internationally, the question of will-they-or-won’t-they air the episode has dominated discussion among “Dollhouse” fans, though not just for continuation of the story. Part of the agreement to renew the series for another season was a slashed budget after Joss Whedon shot episode 13 on half the budget that he had used for the other twelve episodes. So “Epitaph One” is by far the clearest indication of what season two will look like.

It might be a smart move — the buzz “Dollhouse” has received thanks to its renewal will likely drive up DVD sales, and putting the lost episode on the DVD release might pique the interest of those who otherwise wouldn’t purchase the DVD set.

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