Starfy is an established character in Japan, with four releases on the Game Boy Advance, but outside of an appearance as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the ocean’s resident platforming hero has yet to make it to the west. That is about to change next month, when the Legendary Starfy hits store shelves in early June, but as of now we still don’t have much detail as far as what the game entails.

Luckily, six of the people who worked on the game sat down with IGN for a conference call, so now we have a little more to work with. Starfy is a 2D platformer, set in the ocean, which means that the main character’s range of motion is more than we are used to in many platformers-after all, he’s moving through water, so the effects of gravity are a bit different than they would be for say, Donkey Kong, or the Mario Bros, or even the other star-shaped platformer, Ristar.

The developers claim that this version of Starfy is the most accessible, as they have had four other games to perfect the Starfy formula on. It would be nice if North America’s first go with the series was the definitive Starfy experience, but it’s tough to tell without having played any of the others. Thankfully, the developers say that they would be willing to bring those here as well, based on fan response to this one. You know what that means; if you think you want Starfy, or you’re a fan of 2D platformers-something Nintendo has the best record in the industry for over the past 20+ years-then pick this one up when it hits store shelves.

We’ll have a review for Legendary Starfy shortly after it ships to retail on June 8. For now, check out these screens provided by Nintendo. We’ll have more information on the game as it moves closer to its release date.


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