Traffic will be terrible on the roads this Memorial Day weekend, and thanks to Valve Corporation, the Internet highway will also be plugged up with gamers, as they again offer an extended free weekend of play for the crazy-popular “Team Fortress 2” online shooter starting tomorrow.


In an effort to generate hype for the title surrounding the soon-to-be-released and hotly-anticipated spy and sniper class updates, Valve is releasing the title pro bono starting today and running until Monday.‚  Remember when the weekends used to be just Saturday and Sunday? I certainly don’t.


If you haven’t tried out this compelling experience, and have a rig that can handle it, this weekend is certainly a great time to give the game a whirl.‚  I can’t say TF2 is for everyone, but if you like first-person shooters, frenzied (an understatement) multiplayer mayhem, class-based weapons, tons of humor, and a stylized art style, you’ll dig TF2, I promise.

Team Fortress 2 on Steam.

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3 Responses

  1. mike

    hello !! its thursday and it aint letting me playyyyyyyyyyy WTF !!

    STEAM valve !! HELLO ? its THURSDAY ?!?!

  2. Eddie Makuch

    Mike..Valve seems to work on Pacific time and probably haven’t woken up yet. Assured, the game will go live sometime this morning. you have it pre-loaded right???

  3. Rob

    As of 10:20am Pacific Time, with a pre-load, the “free weekend” has not become active. They might be waiting until either noon or midnight. I would hope not midnight, though.


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