As we mentioned earlier, Modern Warfare 2 is one of Xbox 360 owners most wanted games, but why?

The Game Informer magazine June issue has a 10-page exclusive blowout of the impending title that has thankfully eschewed the “Call of Duty” name instead going with the straight up “Modern Warfare 2.”

If you played the original and loved it for everything it was worth, which was a lot, you’re going to absolutely be blown away by the sequel from Infinity Ward.‚  These guys know how to tell compelling story and complement it with frenzied and addictive online multiplayer, but what will this iteration have that the first didn’t?

First off, a Special Forces co-op mode for you and a buddy has been added to the mix, and according to the article is the one thing to differentiate MW2 from its predecessor.‚  What we’ve got here are missions free of the constraints of narrative and difficulty for you and a pal to take part in that will be heinously difficult.‚  Think “Mile High Club” for reference.‚  Infinity Ward has not commented on the ability to play with friends over Xbox Live or additional missions via DLC, but when we know we’ll pass the information along.

Next we’ve got a fix for the highly criticized perpetually respawning enemies from single player campaign, who would continue to come at you until you crossed an imaginary line making some missions downright stupid hard.‚  Jason West of Infinity Ward stated “we are aware of it, and we’re actively trying to eliminate it, I think we agree it’s not good.”‚  Yeah, an understatement to say the least.

If the short, six hour story from the original made you mad, West doesn’t have much consolation for you, only that MW2 will again be short, sweet, and wonderfully executed.‚  “it’s not about dragging it out or playing the same thing over and over.‚  I was very happy with MW1 and the length of it.‚  We let the story drive the length, and we had the story we wanted to tell, and it took the number of levels it required, and I think it worked out.”

I’ve got to agree with you on this Mr. West.‚  I love the original, especially its short length and found myself more wrapped in a story than in any other game ever, and was a sweet introduction to multiplayer, which is so painfully addictive, but fun.

Here’s where it gets interesting, while the GI piece has little information on the titles’ multiplayer component, we know it’s there, West did state that “one of my favorite things about multiplayer is making people famous.” Hopefully this is a tease of a type service for Modern Warfare where individual stats are directly monitored, categorized, and compared with gamers around the world.‚  But famous?‚  I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.

Finally, Modern Warfare Two, due to new technology will allow for built in mutability without a full-on game patch allowing for changes to the gameplay experience to happen on the fly without any slowdown.‚  This is great news, and should set the trend, but I was more excited to learn of a lofty claim suggesting that MW2 will run at a constant 60 FPS throughout. We’ll see, we’ll see.

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