As you may know, Electronic Arts gave up the Lord of The Rings license and handed it over to Warner Brothers Interactive earlier this year.‚  The franchise reached an ugly end with LOTR: Conquest and it was time to move on.‚  But what about this new publisher and direction for a storied series that carries such heavy cultural weight?

In a filing from the ESA which unveiled games that would be given their “first look” to journalists at the upcoming E3 convention, Warner Brothers showed up with the expected LEGO Rock Band, but also The Lord of The Rings: Aragorn’s Quest, the publisher’s first foray into the franchise.

Sounds great right?‚  A game specifically oriented around the King, Aragorn, a unique and alluring take on a tired franchise. Oh but wait, in the product description WB reveals that this iteration was created specifically for kids and their families. Oh goodness.‚  WB has gone as far to set the game in a “friendly, colorful rendition of Middle Earth.”‚  Are we thinking of the same Middle Earth here?

A bit of saving grace that will quell the true LOTR fans’ hearts is that the title will still be centered around Aragorn and his quests from the trilogy by way of action, sword fighting, lancing, and archery.

Aragorn’s Quest is a game we have our sights zoomed all the way in on and will make sure to hit the WB booth hard at E3 next month.

Until then, what do you think?‚  Can a family oriented LOTR game work?

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