Ahoy me Pirates! The Sims 3, still two weeks from launch, has popped up on torrent sites across the web this week, questioning Electronic Arts’ choice to go DRM-free this time around.

The mega-publisher decided to eschew the painful Digital Rights Management system for The Sims 3 after a boisterous outcry from fans regarding Spore and its frustrating DRM policies.‚  Funny though, because Spore was‚  leaked and subsequently despised in reviews on Amazon.‚  Ouch.

As always, we at Blast, or any other respectable publication do NOT condone piracy, but to absolutely confirm this story we’d have to take part in the piracy, so for now classify this story as a believable rumor.

via ars technica

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6 Responses

  1. Amanda

    They leaked it themselves. Trust me…Just to justify why they should use DRM.

    sneaky little b*stards.

  2. Sarah

    Surely you can only question whether they should have taken the DRM off if they actually have taken the DRM off? Downloaders have discovered that they haven’t. The copy up for torrent had Securom on it. Proving three things. Firstly EA are liars, secondly their DRM does absolutely nothing to protect them, thirdly that all journalists are lazy because no article I’ve read on this subject has mentioned this due to the fact that no journalist has done the small amount of research required to find this out

  3. Jelly

    DRM only impedes honest customers. Pirates develop a crack before its even on store shelves.

  4. Tyler

    You can’t stop pirates, they are always one step ahead of developers. As long as there are 24 hours in a day and everyone has their own computers, anything will be available at all times online. And I also believe EA leaked their own software. I have played it and it’s not the final product what so ever. If EA released it the way the pirated copy is then it would bomb.


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