E3 2009 is directly around the corner, calmly awaiting our arrival.‚  And yes, Blast will be in Los Angeles for the show in early June with our eyes widened to the ungodly amount of information we’ll be assaulted with and our fingers ready to pound away and relay you the information gathered in the three short days we’re in town.

The show is two weeks away, but we already have breaking information.‚  What do we have for you?

How about a lengthy list of never before announced titles, products, and food (yes food), to be shown at next month’s convention?‚  You’re in luck, because we have just that.

Note: the full list is impossibly long and we’ve made the executive, but also informed decision, to show you what is likely to be the most exciting.‚  However, we are not always right, actually I am often wrong, and the full list can be viewed, in PDF form‚  mind you, here.

Atlus U.S.A will be showing off the following titles, Droplitz, Persona: SMT, Devil Survivor, Class of Heroes, Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament, and the hotly anticipated Knights in the Nightmare for Nintendo DS.

Here’s where it gets awesomely interesting.‚  Gamer Grub is bringing grub 2.0 to the show packed full of vitamins and nutrients supporting “cognitive function” and comes in four flavors Pizza, PB&J, Chocolate and Wasabi.‚  Hell yes, Wasabi. Count me in.

From Majesco Entertainment comes Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010: The Biggest Loser’s as a sequel to the absolute runaway hit original.‚  Not for me, but maybe for you.‚  Also from the publisher comes A boy and his Blob the revision of the NES classic for Wii.

MTV Games is coming to the show in full force with The Beatles: Rock Band, the widely coveted music game from the famed studio and will certainly be a hotspot on the convention floor in June.

Performance Designed Products has the Gametrak Freedom, the Wii-mote type motion controller for the Xbox 360 and Squeeballs, the first game compatible with the accessory on hand, and also is likely to be the center of mass excitement.

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment is also coming to the show with guns blazing, but by guns I mean, guitars, and by guitars I mean LEGO inspired guitars.‚  That’s right, WB will be at the show with LEGO: Rock Band, the first truly family friendly title available in the genre, and we’re excited to say the least to play this one.‚  Also from WB comes the first showing of Lord of The Rings: Aragorn’s Quest, also a family oriented take on the franchise with what WB calls a “colorful rendition of Middle Earth.”‚  I always thought the LOTR universe was a scary, bloody place, but who knows, this might work with promises of action, sword fighting, lancing and archery.

Well, there we have it, you saw it here first, the above titles and other goodies, once previously unannounced will grace the E3 floor in just a few weeks and we’ll bring you all the hot action as it unfolds.

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