If you haven’t tried out the award winning indie game from Number None, Braid, on account of your Mac to PC preference, those days are over as Briad officially became available for Mac OS X today.

The long wait has not earned you a lesser price tag as you’ll pay the same $14.99 for the title that your PC and Xbox Live Arcade brethren have been subjected to.‚  But really, the game is awesome, well worth the money.‚  Don’t believe me?‚  Metacritic is often reliable, have a gander.

The port was conducted by Hothead Games, the group responsible for Penny Arcade Adventures.

If you’ve somehow let Braid slip under your radar, a free demo is available at GreenHouse, where you can also upgrade to the full version upon your hopeful satisfaction.

Hothead Games

Braid @ GreenHouse

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