We all know Will Wright’s brainchild and altogether ambitious Spore franchise, but in a surprisingly awesome move, publisher Electronic Arts and the ‚ Robot Chicken television show from Adult Swim, have come together to create the most outrageous product ever-free DLC for the upcoming Spore Galactic Adventures.

Anyone who has seen the absurdly random and strikingly provocative Robot Chicken short can attest to the thought that if the genius creators of RC ventured into the waters of an openly imaginative video game, only one option is out there-Spore.

Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, co-creators of Robot Chicken, with the help of a dedicated writing staff, conceptualized the campaign for Galactic Adventures, and EA assures gamers that “missions with exploding poo, angry yetis, and ruler yielding librarians” will be the mainstay among more crazed adventures.

Senreich commented on his involvement with the project as such:

“We’re all gaming geeks, so when the Spore guys said they had an alluring proposition for us, how could we say no? Instead of creating absurd worlds with toys, this gave us the opportunity to create literally anything we wanted as gamers.”

Kip Katserelis, lead producer of Spore Galactic Adventures remarked in an equally excited tone about the Robot Chicken influence when he stated:

“Their Adventures truly reflect the extent of their wild imaginations as well as how the in-game Adventure Creator tool can create almost any type of story imaginable. Players can only guess the level of absurdity and fun that are in these Adventures.”

I had a chance to meet with Seth Green, Matt Senreich and the entire writing staff at the New York Comic Con in February, and it is true what they say about Green.‚  He is a very, very short man, but in his hilarity he’s a giant.‚  These men are creative masterminds and their expertise will undoubtedly help the Spore franchise.‚  That said however, Robot Chicken is a very adult show, in both cultural references and language, so to tame the guys down to an rated E level will be interesting to see.

Spore Galactic Adventures hits PC and Mac June 23 and these Robot Chicken inspired additional adventures will be available for free download that very same day.‚  No word on the length of the additional missions, but hey, free is free, right?

Check out the Robot Chicken Spore website here (at press time the site was not up and running)

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