In the words of Blast’s Twilight aficionado Liz McClendon, “It looks so much better than the robo-chrome arm constipatedward ‘Twilight’ promos.” Tell us what you think below!


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Terri Schwartz was a Blast Contributing Editor from 2008-2009.

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  1. Laura

    Love the poster, way better than Twilight. I’m so glad Edward doesn’t look freaky!

    Rob, Taylor and Kristin look great! The color choice is also amazing.

  2. zory

    I really don’t like it! I’m very disappointed. All 3 of them don’t look very good. The imperfections of the faces are obvious. Look at the shape of Bella’s face, and how long it looks. Take a look at Edward’s nose, and Jacob look like the actor who played Angel! The colors are not very professional either, some fan-made posters actually look better.

  3. Rose



    A cara do livro…simplismente perfeito!!!!

  4. Tayler

    I love it i think it is so kool but i have one qquestion…when can i buy it i have the perfect spot on my wall just for it i love how they all look to

  5. Brenna

    So.. THIS IS AWESOME! I love how it protrays the story line so perfectly. i can’t wait for the movie

  6. alle

    i really like it but bella has curly hair. it does not look like bella. it looks like kristen stewart, every one else is in character. love it!!!


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